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Get to know our company, our mission, who we help, and how we can make a difference in your life.

Our Mission Statement

Divinas Manos Home Health is dedicated to a holistic approach in the care we deliver to our clients. It is our goal to incorporate all elements of care to include engaging families, respecting spiritual preferences, protecting clients’ dignity, education and teaching in conjunction with formulating and revising our clients’ plan of care to achieve and restore the clients’ optimal level of functioning.

group of seniors

About Divinas Manos Home Health Services

We are a home health care provider situated in Laredo, Texas. Our passion for providing quality care stems from our belief that home is the best place for recovery. Thus, our company came to fruition to allow those with disabilities, injuries, and health conditions to be able to recuperate in the comfort and security of the place they call home.

Through the support and guidance of our experienced staff members, we help every patient we serve to improve their quality of life. We assess each patient, get to know their needs, and from there, we develop a care plan that is specifically suited for them. This allows our patients to receive the appropriate services that will aid in their recovery and enables them to retain their independence. Therefore, if you have loved ones who are in need of care, you can count on Divinas Manos Home Health Services to give them the services they deserve.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Admission of services will not be influenced by race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, marital status, military status, gender preference, source of payment, or disability.

For further information about our company, you may call us at 956-728-8322.

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